Doodle Hangman

Doodle Hangman 1.05

A classic game gets a fresh spin

Doodle Hangman is a charming revision of the classic hangman game for Macs. View full description


  • Great animation
  • Challenging puzzles
  • Multiple puzzle categories
  • Play in one or two player modes


  • Slight alignment issues when choosing puzzle categories


Doodle Hangman is a charming revision of the classic hangman game for Macs.

If you've ever played hangman, there's no need to waste time learning the rules for Doodle Hangman. It's pretty much just a new take on an old concept. The thing that makes Doodle Hangman completely fun and new is simply the great graphics that go along with the game.

First, pick whether you want to to use one or two player mode. Then choose a puzzle category. There is one for animals, another for holidays and a few other options from which to choose. Then comes the fun part - Doodle Hangman will show you the puzzle you have to solve and give you a set of letters to pick to solve it. Every time you pick a letter that's in the puzzle, it'll disappear from the alphabet list and show up in its puzzle location. Pick a letter that isn't in the puzzle, however, and the fun really starts.

Every time you pick an incorrect letter on Doodle Hangman, a piece of the hangman drawing starts to take shape. The first element is the noose. Next is the cartoon head of a person. Then, the torso, arms and legs. Doodle Hangman ends when the hangman himself is drawn and drops your poor little character through the shoot and the noose tightens. In a way, it's completely macabre. What keeps Doodle Hangman fun though are the varied gestures of exasperation your hangman drawing makes every time you miss a letter.

It would've been nice for the puzzle category you chose to be listed somewhere on the actual puzzle screen in case you forget what you're trying to solve. That's one small nitpick in an otherwise captivating and amusing game.

Doodle Hangman is hangman for a new generation and will keep you enthralled for quite some time.


  • Added in Spanish localization for our many Spanish users.?
  • The full version now has support for customer word lists!
Doodle Hangman


Doodle Hangman 1.05

User reviews about Doodle Hangman

  • Graham in France

    by Graham in France

    "Don't waste your time❗️"

    It's a great game UNTIL you get the word 'car_park' and there's NO WAY you can spell it the way the game wants you to...   More.